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The East Tennessee Kidney Foundation, Inc.™ provides life sustaining care and resources to individuals in 25 East Tennessee Counties. We rely entirely upon grants and private donations to operate and fund its patient services programs. ETKF provides $78/month to pay for 300+ individuals’ transportation expenses so they can reach life-saving dialysis treatments.

You can help by making a donation of any size; all gifts are appreciated and very impactful. Setting up a recurring (monthly) gift can be a budget-friendly way to make an impact throughout the entire year. We also have other ways to donate such as vehicles, new blankets, scarves, hats, mittens, and in-kind donations for fund raising events.

Your donation always stays in East Tennessee and goes directly towards providing individuals with financial and material assistance to improve the quality of their lives. Your donation will also help us provide information and education on the prevention & early detection of kidney disease. Thank you for supporting our community! We, and the patients we serve, appreciate you very much!

Learn More About “Volunteer Your Ride” Vehicle Donation Program

In-Kind Donations / Items Accepted for Donation

We also accept donations of the following items at all times throughout the year:

  • New or handmade/hand quilted blankets for dialysis patients.
  • Nutritional supplements (Pure Protein High-Protein Bars in various flavors – no caramel please. Nepro high protein drinks, high protein bars, etc.)
  • Warm hats, mittens/gloves, scarves for dialysis patients
  • Monetary donations
  • Lucky Kidney Run™ event items (bottled water, fruit, goody bag stuffing items, etc.)
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